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Site Acquisition Analysis / Existing Structure Analysis

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Riverside Design and Build, LLC begins the Design Build process by meeting with you to discuss and explore your ideas. Whether it is raw unimproved land or a fully developed legacy property, a thorough site analysis is a precursor to a successful project.

The careful site analysis includes assessment of a host of factors:

  • Physical characteristics such as site location, size, topography, drainage, geology, environmental, supportive infrastructure, easements and rights-of-way, and accessibility.

  • Regulatory issues such as zoning, platting, land use restrictions, driveway/traffic restrictions, landscape ordinances, special use license, permits, and development overlay districts.

  • Financing concerns such as construction mortgage options, margin loans, access to capital, ratios of equity to debt, availability of bridge funding, investments in remediation, and relative cost of land as a ratio of total project cost.

  • Risk mitigation through early detection of project hazards which may indicate the need for a change of focus.

Marc, as builder, and Michele, as architect consultant, listen to what you have in mind, look at images you might have to share, look with you at our past work that you might admire, and begin to thoroughly assess your needs. Based on our conversation, we can then develop a program, review the budget, and help locate a property. Marc’s extensive real estate background offers expert guidance in selecting a appropriate site, analyzing existing structures, and financing options.

Are you ready to begin your site acquisition or existing structural analysis? Contact Riverside Design and Build right now at 914-764-1094.

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