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Best Kitchen Design Parameters

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Kitchens are often one of the most used rooms in a home. Here are some of the best kitchen design parameters to consider before designing your next kitchen.

  • Excellent Lighting - There is no great substitute for natural light. Riverside Design and Build, LLC incorporates large windows into our kitchen areas. We like to use a combination of beautifully designed pendant lights, recessed downlights, concealed LED strip lights under and above cabinets and within trey ceilings. To achieve the optimal enhancement of your kitchen area both in daytime and nighttime condition.

  • Kitchen Island According to Your Lifestyle - The kitchen island can be the most used space in your home. It must serve your lifestyle perfectly. Some of the many uses to balance include party gathering spot, eat in counter, catering area, prep area, prep sink and second dishwasher. For our clients that like to entertain, we sometimes suggest two islands. One for working and the other for congregating and partying.

  • Customize Appliances to Your Exact Needs - When Riverside Design and Build, LLC designs your kitchen, we always plan ahead when it comes to appliances. We make sure to take all of your needs and tastes into consideration so there is both elegance and high function in your kitchen.

  • Good Ventilation - When designing a kitchen, Riverside Design and Build, LLC always makes sure there is proper ventilation. Proper exhaust and air conditioning are key for a kitchen, especially when cooking up delicious dishes day in and day out. Cooking can generate excess heat and leave lingering smells that can drift throughout the home if the HVAC system is not designed properly.

Did you know Riverside Design and Build, LLC has won numerous HOBI awards for our outstanding designs? The HOBI Awards offer recognition to builders, remodelers and members of the housing industry for excellence in home design and construction, home technology, sales and marketing and home finance.

Are you ready to redesign your kitchen? Contact Marc Vandenhoeck and Michelle Rudolph at Riverside Design and Build today at 914-764-1094.

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