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Where to Start When Building A Dream Home.

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Some people locate their dream home by scouring listings and attending as many open houses as they can until the right one comes along. Others choose to take matters into their own hands and hire Riverside Design & Build, LLC to locate the perfect location and build their dream home. Here at Riverside Design & Build, LLC we love working with our clients and being open and honest about how we can help. Here are a few items we want you to know about building your dream home.

The first thing we build is a relationship.

Here at Riverside Design and Build, we are truly honored to have the opportunity to build your dream home. We want to connect with you right from the start so that we can understand who you are and how you will use the space.

Second, you need to find the perfect property

Location, location location, an old cliche, but still true. Do you have a town you think is a good match for your goals? We can help focus your search. Find out more on how to locate the perfect property with our latest blog (Marc Vandenhoeck's Blog on Looking for the Perfect Property? Here's what you need to know!)

Third, Understand our design-build process.

Site Acquisition Analysis / Existing Structure Analysis

Riverside Design and Build, LLC begins the Design Build process by meeting with you to discuss and explore your ideas. Marc, as a builder, and Michele, as architect consultant, listen to what you have in mind, look at images you might have to share, look with you at our past work that you might admire, and begin to thoroughly assess your needs. Based on our conversation, we can then develop a program, review the budget, and if needed, help locate a property. Marc’s extensive real estate background offers expert guidance in selecting a site, analyzing existing structures, and financing options.

Architectural Design

Our team begins with developing a preliminary schematic design that incorporates your needs, desires, and budget into an architectural solution. A Schematic Design gives an overall design approach with floor plans and elevations that respond to your vision and budget. We incorporate your program needs, explore sustainable design options, study value engineering, site design, and engineering, and analyze government zoning and code requirements. Upon approval of the Schematic Design, our team proceeds toward developing Construction Documents in detail and suitable for filing with governmental authorities.


Marc Vandenhoeck personally manages construction from the earliest stages of mobilization and site preparation through obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy and a final house cleaning. Our clients are assured Principal contact from start to finish. Riverside Design and Build, LLC's carefully culled team of tradespeople and artisans ensures the highest level of quality and integrity throughout your project. Our award-winning team has earned its reputation as that rare Design-Build company that is recognized for both its exemplary construction and innovative architectural design. Riverside Design and Build, LLC has the high standards and expertise that have lead to many awards and satisfied clients.

Have confidence that you know where to start when building a dream home. Contact Riverside Design and Build, LLC today!

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