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Looking for the Perfect Property? Here's what you need to know!

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

In our area, some of the best home sites were developed long ago. Some of the houses on these great sites are cost-effective to renovate. It is these opportunities to rebuild something new and unique that can be the perfect match for our client’s needs. Riverside Design and Build, LLC are experts at recognizing a diamond in the rough. Some of the factors that we work with our clients to analyse are:

  • Recognizing Property With Great Potential - A great plot of land may have an older relatively worthless house on it. The cost of partial or complete demolition is relatively minor compared to the value of a beautiful lot with mature landscaping. It takes a trained eye to understand the extent of surgery required to realize optimal results for your new home.

  • General Area - Begin with the demographics. How far away are you planning to move? Do you want to remain close to friends and family? How far do you want to live from your place of employment? Do you have a county, zip code, town, or city where you want to begin your search?

  • Zoning Requirements - Zoning requirements typically govern the density and type of housing, including such things as minimum lot size, the minimum distance from the property lines (setbacks), building height, and what percentage of a lot may be built on or paved (lot coverage). Zoning requirements are also different based on location.

There’s no better way to ensure the property you buy is fully optimized to your liking than to work with Riverside Design and Build, LLC.

Ready to build that dream home? Contact Marc Vandenhoeck and Michelle Rudolph at Riverside Design and Build today at 914-764-1094!

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