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Five Things to Know Before Building a New House.

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Riverside Design and Build, LLC begins the Design Build process by meeting with you to discuss and explore your ideas. Marc, as a builder, and Michele, as architect consultant, listen to what you have in mind, look at images you might have to share, look with you at our past work that you might admire, and begin to thoroughly assess your needs. Based on our conversation, we can then develop a program, review the budget, and if needed, help locate a property. Marc’s extensive real estate background offers expert guidance in selecting a site, analyzing existing structures, and financing options.

Here are five things you need to consider before building a new home.

  1. Budget Before you start planning your dream home, you have to set a budget. How much can you really spend? As a Design and Build Company, our process creates seamless transitions from design to pricing to building. This eliminates the gambling and guessing inherent in the bidding process. Riverside offers our decades of experience and fixed allowances on materials to eliminate risk for our clients.

  2. Develop A Plan – The most crucial part of building a house is outlining a clear plan to guide the entire process. Proper planning keeps you ahead of the process to save on time and money.

  3. Think Green – As the world evolves into a more sustainable future, Riverside is at the forefront of green design. We can offer our clients cost effective and energy saving design options that will save them money and provide increased value in the decades to come.

  4. Location, Location, Location – In our area, most of the best home sites were developed long ago. Some of the houses on these great sites are cost-effective to remove. Riverside has a lot of experience evaluating the pros and cons of those options in order to optimize a long term investment. It is these opportunities to rebuild something new and unique that can be the perfect match for our client’s needs. Riverside Design and Build, LLC are experts at recognizing a diamond in the rough.

  5. Contact Riverside Design and Build – There’s no better way to ensure the property you buy is fully optimized to your liking than to work with Riverside Design and Build, LLC.

The Bottom Line

Designing and building a house might seem like an arduous task. Riverside has the expertise to make the process easy for you from beginning to end. We have successfully guided our clients through every step, no matter whether they are involved in every detail or take a more hands-off approach. The results are great. This is why contacting us is a great idea! Are you ready to build your dream home? Contact Riverside Design and Build, LLC today at 914-764-1094.

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