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The Principles of Green Design

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Riverside Design and Build, LLC has been and continues to be a leader in the field of green design. We were the first to design and build a fully geothermal heated and cooled house in Pound Ridge, Westchester twenty two years ago. We built the second geothermal home in 2005. Energy consumption records show that the initial premium spent on the geothermal system twenty two years ago has paid for itself three times to date. All our houses are built to the highest green standards with insulation values far above code, mechanical equipment of the highest efficiency ratings, and state of the art led lighting. This provides our clients with cost efficient, comfortable and conscientious homes that have lower maintenance costs and a good return on investment for decades to come.

Riverside Design and Build, LLC proudly carries on the Master Builder tradition of a seamless process of designing and constructing custom residences for our clients. The uniqueness of this award-winning firm is in the comprehensive knowledge and extensive range of services provided by founder Marc Vandenhoeck and consulting architect, Michele Rudolph.

Our custom homes are recognized for their exquisite level of design and detailing for exteriors as well as interiors. We provide a rare combination of high-end design and craftsmanship along with great value.

Principles of Green Design

As the world evolves towards a more sustainable future, Riverside has been at the forefront of green home design to lessen the negative impacts on our environment. To make this a reality, our designs are guided by the principles of green architecture.

Common Characteristics

  • HVAC systems are designed for energy-efficient heating and cooling.

  • Maximum use of insulation.

  • House design and site layout to maximize passive solar energy gain in winter and minimize in summer.

  • Non-synthetic, non-toxic sustainable materials used inside and out.

  • Efficient use of space

  • Optimal location on the land, maximizing sunlight, winds, and natural sheltering

Are you ready to build green? Contact Riverside Design and Build, LLC today at

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