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Why Design & Build Companies Are Becoming More Popular

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

What is a design and build company?

When you think of a construction project, you probably picture a typical project process in which the owner works with two distinct professionals: an architect and a builder. If conditions change or anything goes wrong, the contractor and architect will usually point fingers and assign responsibility to the other side, resulting in delays, increased expenses, and headaches for the owner.

As a Design & Build Company, we offer an alternative to the typical building process. The owner just needs to contact us at the start. Under one contract, we work together as a design-build team. We work to deliver a unified set of architectural and construction services for the project that meets the owner's budget and timeline. We offer a fixed price that is guaranteed. We can respond to changes and concerns, resulting in creativity, cost savings, and problem-solving rather than justifications and finger-pointing.

Why are design and build companies becoming so popular?

Here are the main reasons why the design and build construction process is becoming increasingly popular and is now considered a necessity for completing your dream home.

  • Single point of contact: As mentioned above, when you work with a design and build company, everything is under one contact with one point of contact. For an owner, having a single point of contact makes things easier and less stressful. You may express your concept and thoughts to us to create a clear picture of your project.

  • Overall cost-savings: Some clients believe that the conventional bidding process will save them money since they will tender the job to several contractors and wait for the most competitive bid. Contractors and builders, on the other hand, must include extra amounts in their bids to insure themselves against architectural disagreements. Design build eliminates this extra padding in the price by cooperating from inception to completion to provide the highest quality to meet the clients budget and schedule.

  • Teamwork makes the dream work: Here at Riverside Design and Build, LLC, we are in this together to achieve the same goal: a successful project that surpasses expectations. Communication is essential, and having the architect and builder available under one roof is very beneficial. Having a dependable and knowledgeable team under one roof will give your ideal space that additional edge. At Riverside Design & Build, LLC, the architect and builder are literally under one roof and have been happily so for 33 years. Your project has to be perfect for us to be happy.

Riverside Design and Build, LLC is your design and build company. We create award winning, attractive and practical environments for custom homes, renovations and investment properties.

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